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Mergers & Acquisitions is brought to you by the Society for Economic Anthropology.

The primary aim of Mergers and Acquisitions is to demonstrate how anthropological perspectives can be merged with other perspectives to enhance and complicate understandings of economic life and contemporary events. By providing a forum for anthropologists to share their knowledge with a broader audience and to exchange ideas, we hope the podcast will also provide an opportunity for scholars of all backgrounds to acquire new perspectives.

Recognizing that the best ideas and insights are rarely generated alone, Mergers and Acquisitions offers a collective mind-hive for furthering the study of economic life. Our goal is to highlight current research in the field of economic anthropology and to showcase how anthropological perspectives speak to a range of contemporary economic issues.

Mergers and Acquisitions will host interviews with leading economic anthropologists, provide reflection pieces on economic transformations and problems, and serve as a vehicle for new and established scholars to connect with each other and share their perspectives on the anthropological study of economic life.


Mergers & Acquisitions is produced in association with the American Anthropological Association.